1 Company + 32 Characters + 21 Days of Madness = Fantabulous JASHN 2014

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Below are lines of Mandar Galwankar after Capgemini JASHN 2014 for all Fashion Show Models.

There is a saying that life bumps you into characters, who initially are strangers, time makes them your friends. Three weeks back in a spurt of a moment, life introduced me and every one of us to 31 such strangers. Come 1st march and we have a huge mob of FRIENDS.

I never thought one day I would face 15000 people along with a beautiful lady alongside me, walking down the head ramp, and staring into the lights booming into my retina and suddenly I experienced what you mean by stage fright.
21 days, 32 strangers, chosen out of 20000 odd employee base to participate in a fashion show, huuuuuuufff… Sudden, strange, in the spotlight.

Except for a few nobody knew what walking on a ramp is like. Every moment spent, every hour we rehearsed, every time we tried to reach on time, every time krishen tried to come early (which eventually he managed ), every time Ronak gave that dead look during his walk, every time we burst into a moment of laughter when Pankaj rocked the ramp, every time vintage mass bunked, every time Moish walked alongside Rolly, so many such moments have now become a part of memory, never to be forgotten.

Had it not been for such wonderful human beings that you all are, it would not have been possible to create such a riot.
To all Handsome male models and to all beautiful female models…cheers!!
To all partners who coordinated, co-operated and cared for their counterparts…cheers!!
To the spirit that kept all of us focused and free from any tussles…cheers!!
To all CHARACTERS like OM (Detective), RONAK (Stud), RADHEESH (Anna), KRISHEN (late Latif), GURDEEP (MACHO), RHUJUTA (Bubbly), MADHUR, PARUL (Chatriwali), SONAM(OMJ), PANKAJ (1 Number) and others for maintaining a lively atmosphere…cheers!!
To PARUL for creating such a wonderful and riot prone whatsapp group…cheers!!
To Pratibha for being such a wonderful co-partner…cheers!! 
To the pinky choreographers and designer… cheers!!

Thanks to one and all for making these days truly wonderful and memorable. Will be really hard to forget them hope I never do forget these days.
Wishing you all a superb life ahead. We shall keep bumping into each other while we are still in CapGemini and whatsapp to always hai hi!!


Within my book of memories are special thoughts of you
and all the evidence of glorious things which, because of you, came true.

As I turn back the pages of memories and recall each single thought,
I realize the happiness and pleasure that knowing you has brought.

There are memories of the times we’ve shared both bright and gloomy days
there are memories of your kindness and your friendly, thoughtful ways.

There are memories of your laughter, your gay and cheery smile
that added a bright note to each of us and made life more worthwhile.

There are memories of the things we planned each friendly little chat,
when we would get together and just talk of this and that.

And when I recall these memories as I move along life’s way
they grow more precious and blessed with every passing day.

Memories are memories, they will never betray.

Meet you soon buddies.
Stand at 45º … 14 15 16 Go…………


Idea Posted in my office

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To Install software on each PC/Laptop to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) & Power Nap Area in Office.
The term repetitive strain injury (RSI) refers to injuries that result from repetitive and continious user of PC/Laptops. Everyone know disadvantages & fatigues which occurs due to long use of computers and specially IT industry has no other workaround. RSI can not only cause Physical fatigue but it can lead to Mental fatigue too.
How it can be effective – Break reminder softwares & Auto-pop up on necessary time duration (Ex. Every Hour for as low as for 2-3 Min) which shows basic Fingers, Shoulder, Neck & back related excesices which can be done simply by sitting on chair. Additionally it can be customized for Water Intake.
Above points may look tiny but they are important and when implemented together can be of great helpful & Employees remain energetic & charged :)
Below are list of some softwares which are already in use and been recognized by award too.
software that helps avoiding Repetitive Strain Injury at the computer by educating about muscle fatigue and recovery, providing basic timers to alert you to take micropauses and breaks, and monitoring your exposure and intensity of computer use and providing you with feedback on how you are doing.
an open-source free program that assists in the recovery and prevention of repetitive strain injury. The program frequently alerts user to take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts user to a predefined daily limit.
Kill-RSI is a totally free program that helps you reduce repetitive stress injury resulting from extended computer use by intelligently reminding you when to take rest breaks and short breaks.
is the first web-based programme of microbreaks to manage entirely without installation of any software. micropause® of fitimjob was rewarded with the Swiss Innovation Award in 2004.
Healthy Hints
software that will detect your periods of computer usage, recommends when a rest break is due and gives you a 5-star achievement rating. Also displays information on other factors that can affect your wellbeing as a computer user, such as lighting and posture.
Advanced Break Reminder
Designed with programmers and web/graphic designers in mind and highly customizable software. It helps to decrease pain, strain or headaches caused by PC use.
Along with anti RSI software there can also be Power Nap area in office premises for employee to quick recharge.
GYM would be best but still due to space & time constraints less no. of employees would be able to take advantage of it.


It’s not just the game… It’s the level above

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It’s been very long I have no updates on my site but I think now this is the time and what else it could be better than a few of my thoughts on INDIA vs PAKISTAN World Cup 2011 semifinal match @ Mohali. IND was high on it’s confidence after win over AUS. A record of India being unbeaten against PAK in WC & PAK had it’s strong bowling attack.

It was THE EVENT of the YEAR so far. Not to mention that every Restaurant, lounge, theater had special arrangements. Even many of the offices were equipped with telecast. Everyone almost every 4 years await for this clash and why not it had everything for the entertainment, like a Bollywood masala movie but everything here was real & live. Well let’s see what it had for everyone Suspense– Who’s going to win? Who’ll we the outstanding player & match entertainer? Drama – Last moment Ashwin out Nehra in & for PAK Shoaib out due to fitness reason. Politics – Our PM invited PAK PM for this match. Stars/Glamour – All Bollywood stars, models & Celebs with their views & Promotions. Thriller – well I think whenever it’s IND vs PAK may be it Cricket or Hockey it’s worth watch & full on thrill. Sex – you might be shocked that how sex is related with this but see the link http://sports.in.msn.com/cricket/2011CricketWorldCup/article.aspx?cp-documentid=5089838 for yourself. Romance – Love & patriotism of each and every individual towards their respective nation & well if not nation for the love of cricket because it can’t getter bigger & better than this. Action – it’s kind of virtual but it’s almost like Bat = Gun & Ball = Bullet. Tragedy – Well it had nothing to do with match but it’s was me who was in this situation, coz it’s THE IND vs PAK WC 2011 Semis and I was still working in office, actually I’m quite superstitious that if I leave all my work & sit to watch complete cricket match India don’t win so it’s ok with me being in this tragic situation.

Some of my favorite moments during the match were…

Sehwag’s Thunder innings – it was a day light diwali & complete firework show by him & a treat for all the people cheering for India to win. Sehwag’s innings also tore all bowling attack of PAK. Sachin R. Tendulkar, “The God” of religion called cricket, “The Little Master” without which I see Indian cricket team as nightmare. He played important innings & made the foundation for the final total, unfortunately he couldn’t complete 100th Century but I think whenever he is just only standing on the pitch that itself gives moral support & hope for every viewer & Sachin fan. I just pray that in final he gets his century & also the cup, for which he is most worthy off. Bhajji “The Turbunator” strikes in WC 2011 with 2 important wickets of U.Akmal who was more or less settled on pitch & S.Afridi the danger man who could have taken the game the other way round.

Just like me many other are asking the same question that WHY O WHY Shahid Afridi didn’t come up the order to get the run rate up with it’s powerful shots & no batting power play taken? Also dropping almost 5 chances to get the little master out was their biggest mistake.

Some IND vs PAK Statistics (Source Wikipedia)

  Matches played Won by Pakistan Won by India Draw/Tie/No result
Tests 59 12 9 38
ODIs 120 69 47 4
T20s 2 0 1 1
Total 181 81 57 43

A full entertainment is never complete without a Comedy so her it is, there were series of Jokes & SMSes (I’m sure there are many more) on during this occasion so just read on and have fun. 

Dabbang Ishhhtyle>>>>> Mohali mein hum itne ‘chaukke ‘…aur ‘chhakke’ marenge ki ……’confuje’ ho jaaaoge ki ….’Boundary’ pe khade ho ki ‘…..BORDER’ ….pe.

@Airport – Flight Manager asks PONTING, SMITH and STRAUSS. Why u all waiting here…?

We are all waiting for AFRIDI 

How respectful is the Pakistan team that their Prime Minister himself has come to pick them up from Mohali to Pakistan

- “Chak De India”

Pak strategy on how to stop Sachin’s 100th Cencury

Afridi – Whatever Happens we must stop Sachin from getting century.

Pak Team – But how we could do that he is just playing amazing & in good form.

Afridi – I got the master plan. “We’ll get all out within 100”

Sydny 92 – Fakr hai,
Banglore 96 – Fakr Hai,
Old Trafford 99 – Fakr hai,
Centurion 2003 – fakr hai,
Jo’Berg 2007 – Fakr Hai,
…They asked us many questions on Friday, repeated den on Tuesday and we replied on A WEDNESDAY !!!

Mohali 2011 – Fakr hai

Indiaaaaa… Indiaaaaa…..

Get the World Cup 


My Wife’s 1st Poem

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There are twinkling stars in a pitch dark night,
But as soon as the sky shines, they are out of sight.
However these stars don’t complain or demand,
Even if their presence suddenly comes to an end!!

Similar is the feeling with your loved ones,
They neither demand or complaint nor have an end
However when you are hurt or have a feeling of sorrow,
They are right beside you to share your feelings, not minding it to be beg, steal or borrow!!!


Mumbai Marathon Experience

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Let me first confess that it was really a great experience and one should always do it once in a life time. To simplify myself I’m saying that if not Marathon (42 KM) then Half-Marathon (21 KM) or at least go in for Dream Run (7 KM). There something for everyone!!

I was trying to run in Mumbai Marathon since past 2 years but I was not able to register and entries got closed whenever I tried, but this year I followed it’s updates & also told friend who has been participating into this event since part 2 Years. As soon as he informed me and I immediately registered online. I thought I’ll not be extra enthusiastic about it and will select Dream Run of 7 KM but I couldn’t control much and decided to go for Half-Marathon of 21 KM. Procedure of registration in to race was pretty simple. I also wanted my strength (my fiancée then and now my wife), to get along with me and suggested Dream Run but unfortunately the quota was full. Probably I will run with her the Full Marathon next year!!

After registration, now it was time for preparations.  So I started looking for some information about preparations over internet and also asked friend who was experienced in this.  SCMM website was a great help for giving guidelines for starting the preparations for a 1st time runner like me. After few days I checked website in more details and it had almost all information that was required.

I did have a habit of going for jogging in sports complex near my house, but this time it was for Marathon and it needed some extra efforts. After running in sports complex jogging track for 4-5 times I decided to practice on the roads. The only issue which I faced was finding correct time to run and practice. I was afraid to run during early morning time because of  Dogs and also I’m Lazy so getting up early morning was problem. Also running during late afternoon was also bit difficult because of the job timings, but somehow at least once in 2 Weeks I used to make sure that I do run. Since my practice duration was very low I decided to at least walk whenever possible in my daily routine also I made a practice of using steps at office and at home.

As time went by I was also having check on the shoes which I’ll be wearing on the final day, because the shoes with which I was practicing were almost gone, but kept on using them for my Practice. Along with marathon practice I also had most important thing in any personal life on the list (My Wedding) so it was difficult to give time for practice. Now when I’m writing this I’m thinking how I would have managed my Office Work, Wedding preparations and marathon practice. I may sound a bit philosophical but at times you don’t realize that important things just happen in our life and we keep on worrying about them. Strange to say but its TRUE!!

My Practice was going good. I completed approximately 5 KM in 25 Min. in one stretch and overall I completed 10 KM in approximately 90 minutes. Everything was going in line and I was confident. I had planned a practice run 10 days before the final marathon run. However due to various constraints I was unable to do the same, which reduced my confidence and was bit scared of not completing the race. In last 10 days I decided to rest, eat and drink properly. I also made it a point of keeping good water level in my body & I also continued by exercise of using stairs while at home & office.

SCMM 2010 also provided us with a goodies like few Drinks, Snacks Items, and most important my BIB No. It was just getting better and better. Just few days remaining and it was confirmed that we’ll be running over the Newest landmark of Mumbai the Bandra-Worli SEALINK I got very excited about it. I also bought my new running shoe because since long time I was planning to buy one but never got actual chance and whenever I planned to buy and really liked something it was expensive. This time I had everything like time, reason and discounted prices ;-) (Almost 30 %) so I thought its ok to buy expensive shoes. I was very happy with my deal and was all ready for the Run.

Now finally the day I was waiting 17th January 2010 (The Race day), previous night my wife and sisters gave me surprise news that they would also be coming to cheer me up so I was happy!! but same time I was not able to rest properly because of some office work (Came bit late to home) and only slept post 1’O Clock. So just took rest of only 3 Hrs and woke up in morning around 4 – 4:30 AM got into my running gear and started my journey towards Race Point (Bandra MMRDA).  I was all geared up with my BIB, waiting for the gates to open and to begin my first Marathon Experience. Finally at the stroke of 06.45 am and the gates opened and, the race was on. After some distance covered from gates I stepped on the recording carpet and my actual time started. After 15-20 Min I was the Bandra-Worli SEALINK. I trust me I enjoyed every step on that SEALINK. I was also happy with my pace, strength & the way I was maintaining my energy level. While on SEALINK several time National Guard Helicopters hovered over us. Also several cameramen were clicking pictures of runners. On completing SEALINK I thought of the remaining KMs and again braced up my self for it. I was wondering if I could see any famous person because I knew that GUL PANAG(An Actress, former miss world) was also running half marathon but no luck of seeing her. However I did see PURAB KOHLI (An Actor and VJ). Even though I was excited during my run, it was always in the back of my mind to keep up the pace and also maintain my stamina on equal basis. On the way I liked the spirit of people who were neither running or not officially volunteered themselves but they were standing on road cheering up all the participants and not only that offering Water, Biscuits and other energy edibles. This was the day I actually felt the spirit of MUMBAI. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all people who were there cheering up & giving support during our run, GO GO GO MUMBAI…. J

Almost reaching half way a climb started there were also people standing with Body relaxing spray, but I was going all good and didn’t think of taking it & later I realized that the climb took away lot of my energy. I almost finished the climb and I got my first cramp in my left Leg. My Calf muscles was clearly noticeable and pain was unbearable. I could hardly walk. So I  sat on pavement to check if anything worse could happen. I Checked myself and thought its ok to continue as I felt my muscles were relaxed again. Here I saw spirit of participants who offered me water because they saw me in this condition and soon after some time I could hear the voice of my friend whom I left behind and he cheered me up. I thought for moment that if I would have taken the spray this wouldn’t have happened and just prayed that in next few meters I could get the treatment for this. I stood up again slowly and steadily I started brisk walking and thank god I saw person with spray in his hand just had quick treatment for my muscles. I refilled my tank with some water and Biscuits. Again I was on the run. More that Half way already done now my energy level started coming down. I guess was 5-7 Km away and again that pain started and as I mentioned spirit of Mumbai people I again found someone to give me treatment. During the run I was also in contact with my Wife 4-5 times and talked to her. My Sister and wife were standing 1 KM before the finishing line so I was also eager to see them.

Second Last phase of run was along the see side so I also enjoyed each and every moment of that there were also cheerleaders with all dance and music which also helps. After almost 3 Hrs I met my sister & wife standing few meters before 1 KM of ending the race. I had quick snap and again I rushed towards finishing line. Immediately after sometime I left meeting them again I got the pain and this time it was the worst. I thought for a moment that I might not able to make it in good condition but again after some relaxation and some water I started walking. Now entered the final lapse of the race. I was only 900 Meters away from the finish line. Like small child, my heart clapped and the man inside me said common just go for it and finish it quickly. Automatically my pain in the leg started reducing and I started running towards finish line. In this last phase I also saw Dream runners who were carrying different messages and running for different purpose. There were numerous cameramen capturing few unforgettable moments in the Dream Run.

Finally I stepped over the finishing line.  Immediately went to health care center and got my self treated for the pain and it was all fine. My Dream of running SCMM was completed. After ending race had some refreshments and took rest for a while. Legs were paining after that but the pleasure of completing my dream was much higher.  Also smile on my parents, wife & sisters had already cured that pain.

One thing I learned from this is that Never give up. You have to chase your dreams despite of any pain… the end will always be full of happiness and smiles…

Well just for the records below are some Technical Details.

1.7 Km Split Time: 00:11:31

8.1 Km Split Time: 00:58:22

Gross Finish Time: 2:51:46

Net Finish Time: 2:50:48

My Overall Rank 2382 out of 5188

My Category Rank 2017 out of 4489

Thanks to all who helped me in achieving this.

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